Here you can find most common questions and answers regarding ViewerStorm.

I purchased Premium/Platinum with Cashapp/Venmo/Revolut but my account has not changed

Firstly, Thanks for supporting ViewerStorm! Payments that are NOT made with PayPal will need to be processed manually and could take up to 24/48 hours. If 48 hours goes by and your account has not been upgraded yet, please Contacts Us or use the Live Chat below.

Can I get banned on Twitch for using ViewerStorm?

No. ViewerStorm has been online for over a year now, and NOBODY has ever been banned due to being a ViewerStorm member. We do not use bots of any kind here. All viewers in your stream from ViewerStorm are all other streamers who are using ViewerStorm to grow their streams, just like you!

Does this site have a Discord?

We sure do! Come hang out and chat with the group here:

I purchased Premium/Platinum but have not received my Tokens and StormPasses!

In order to get your bonus goodies, you must have completed 100 watched streams within the current month. Once you have passed this milestone there will be a link on your User Dashboard to collect your freebies!

Where is the Raid Rewards Page?

The Raid Rewards page is hidden by default until you reach 100 watched streams within a single month. Once you reach that milestone, the "Raid Rewards" button will appear in the navigation menu

Where is the ViewerStorm Game Store?

The ViewerStorm Game Store is hidden by default until you reach 350 watched streams within a single month. Once you reach that milestone, the "Game Keys & Prizes" link will appear in the navigation menu

Where are the Steam Gift Cards?

We no longer offer Steam Gift Cards due to the amount of abuse the site has received in the past, sorry!

Sometimes when I log in my ASSD is off, why?

Our script can only check 100 users every 1 minute, so in order to keep response times faster for the more active members we disable the ASSD for members who have not logged in for 3 days. As you can imagine, it takes several tries before the script can check all of the member's streams that we have.

What is VSCB and why do people type !vscb in my chat?

VSCB, or ViewerStorm ChatBot, is our exclusive chat bot that rewards members for chatting in each other's streams. You earn 0.10 token and 0.05 view point per line of chat you type in another streamer's channel. To activate the bot in someone's chat, you type !vscb. When the bot sees the command, it will respond with "Hello Username!". Once the bot responds if will begin counting your chat activity and will report that number back to the server after 10 minutes has elapsed.

ViewerStorm does not detect when I am streaming, why?

There could be a few reasons that the website is unable to detect your stream status:
1. Your ASSD (Automatic Stream Status Detection) is turned OFF
2. You entered your Twitch Display Name incorrectly
3. Twitch API has failed
4. Some moron entered a full URL instead of their Twitch Display Name only

What is ASSD and what does it do?

ASSD or, Automatic Stream Status Detection, is a script that calls Twitch's servers and polls which of our members are live and which are offline. Twitch's servers respond and the script updates the database on the website. If you have ASSD on, you should never have to manually toggle your stream on and off.